International Teams

Join a team and immerse yourself in the story unfolding in communities around the world. The ingredient list of a team trip is a beautiful mix of cultural exposure, deep learning, mutual partnership, relationship building, and using a skill set you already have – all in support of one of the local in-country churches we partner with. We are confident your trip will be a time of inspired involvement in the story of God's redemptive work in the communities we partner with globally.
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If you have any questions about joining an international team, please contact [email protected].

Purpose of Hope Story Trips

Catch the Vision

An important piece of any HS trip should be the casting and catching of vision for the ministry being visited on the part of Canadian participants. This can involve exposure to the reason for the ministry's existence and history, meeting with key ministry partners and leaders, as well as individual participants. As much as is possible, Canadian participants should be able to develop relationships and on the ground knowledge of the ministries impact and function and come away knowing the key elements of the ministry’s reason for existence and impact in the community from having spent time with, speaking with, learning from, and praying with the local ministry partners.

Build Relationships

Trips should reflect the value of ministry partnerships as two-way relationships, as well as our values of teachability and local ownership. HS views these partnerships as being of benefit on all sides, with each partner serving, teaching and learning from each other. Input on key elements of each trip will be sought out from both, leading to a ministry experience that is suitable and stretching for both sides.

Become a Champion

Championing hope for vulnerable kids around the world is the core focus of Hope Story. Team members are invited into this mission and asked to consider how they can champion the work of the global partner they just spent time with. For some team members, the trip provides insight into the work they are already championing; for others, time together ‘on the ground’ inspires new ideas on how to advocate for the kids and this ministry when back in Canada.

Upcoming Trips

Please contact [email protected] for the latest information.

Typical Hope Story Trips will last anywhere from one week to three weeks, with the majority being around 10 days on site, plus travel time. Team members may have specific roles on each trip, which will be established prior to departure. It is important to note that each team member is a representative of Hope Story as well as their church/organization.

Position regarding Participants Spiritual Qualifications

While nearly all Hope Story Short Term participants are believers in Christ who have a personal relationship with God, there are occasionally individuals who want to participate that are on the way to making a decision for Christ and are at an earlier place in their spiritual journey. Presently we treat these applicants as individuals, taking into consideration the purpose of the trip, the site, the team leaders and any personal relationships they have with other participants, and make a case-by-case decision.

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Hope Story History

Hope Story was established in 1998 with a vision to serve orphans and vulnerable children in Peru. Originally founded as “Kids Alive Canada”, we were soon at work in Zambia and Haiti. In 2017 Kids Alive Canada officially changed its name to Hope Story, and today is partnering in seven countries: Burkina Faso, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Lebanon, and Canada.

Hope Story serves vulnerable children around the world by empowering local communities to provide basic care, education, and community outreach that strengthens families and transforms lives.


Our Vision

A world where every child reaches their full potential through the love and sacrifice of Christ’s Church.

Our Mission

We help vulnerable children access education, health, and discipleship in strong communities through their local church.
Reflecting on Christ’s example, and drawing upon our collective passion and experience, we partner with local churches and faith-based organizations to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs so that children can reach their full potential – also knowing that supporting a child can get them out of poverty and impact the future of a community. Our desire is to strengthen communities from within by developing local leaders who will effect lasting change.

Our Core Values

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