Willi standing outside

Willi’s Story

At 8-years old,

living in a suburban slum, Willi had never even been to school. When his mother left early each morning to clean people’s homes, he was left to care for his younger sister and infant brother. Often they ate just one meal a day. “It was hectic” Willi said shaking his head. “It was a life that no child would ask for.”

Willi’s mother passed away soon after contracting HIV. All of a sudden, at eight years old, he was responsible for a six-year-old sister and 9-month-old baby brother - who, sadly, was also HIV+. As the parent of the home, he vividly recalls trying to soothe the baby’s crying to no avail. He became so overwhelmed he just fell down and started crying as well.

Eventually, Willi and his siblings wound up with a grandmother in the countryside. But with 9 children in her care, hunger was an ever-present reality. Paying for school fees was impossible.

That is, until Hope Story’s partner  - Creation of Hope - stepped in. Thanks in large part to friends like you, the family received regular food distributions and help covering school fees. Last year Willi graduated with a three-year degree in supply chain management!

I thank God [for our sponsors], you are giving us a good life!Willi
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