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The LCC church's missions team goes throughout the city once per week sharing the Gospel, identifying vulnerable children & families, praying for them, and inviting the most vulnerable to receive support.

Through local church donations, the church is currently helping children combat malnutrition through food support and education. Thanks to sponsorship through Hope Story supporters, over 100 children from vulnerable families receive registration fee support for school. For approximately 60% of these children, this will be the first time they have ever had the opportunity to attend a school. And, these programs are growing!

LCC also operates a 'Little Reader Program' designed to develop the reading skills for vulnerable children struggling in school. With large class sizes, children who struggle with reading can drop through the cracks. The children are also introduced to the love of Jesus and the Gospel story through this program.

LCC's most recent outreach program, after-school support through their new community centre, gives school children aged 5 through high school much needed academic support in computer, math, science, literacy and more. To assist parents in their support for their child's learning at home LCC also provides literacy support for parents who were not able to complete their own education.

The new LCC After School Club will provide:

  • Computer skills classes
  • Learning through play, for younger kids
  • Job skills & vocational training, for older youth
  • Regular checks on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health
  • Computer skills classes
  • Food pantries for under-nourished children who need a healthy snack
  • Vocational and entrepreneurship classes for parents, to bolster their child’s environment

This multi-generational support will contribute to lasting community transformation. Your support of LCC's outreach will re-write hope into the stories of vulnerable children and families.

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Current Projects

Little Reader Program

Lead by a local public-school teacher, her husband, and a group of volunteers from the church, approximately 50 children receive one-one-one reading support each week in four locations throughout the city through a two hour program that runs three days a week. The primary location is the church pastor's house. This program prioritizes vulnerable children that are falling behind in their reading abilities. With up to 100 children in each class in the public schools, many of these children are simply not receiving the support they need to learn to read.

School Fee Support for Impoverished Families

The Church is now supporting 100 impoverished children with school fee support. About 40 of these are going to school but struggling as a family, and suffering as a family to afford tuition. The other 60 children have not been attending school at all and will be attending for the first time.

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