Inspiring hope in Zambia


Partnering in Local Outreach

We partner with Mongu Evangelical Church in Mongu and the Calvary Church in Livingstone to provide hope for children and families within their communities.

Our Work in Zambia

With political stability, natural beauty and a fast growing economy, Zambia has so much potential, yet its economic growth has not benefited most Zambians, especially those who have not been able to complete an education.  Unemployment is rampant, with over two thirds of Zambians living below the poverty line. Too many children live in hunger and poverty despite their parents' best efforts, because of systemic challenges and what can feel like overwhelming obstacles. 

Hope Story's Zambia church partners are acting now to champion vulnerable children right in their communities by caring for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children.

We know that God sees the incredible value and potential in these young lives and has given His Church in Zambia a vision of what is possible – with a little help from us. Through community outreach, emergency food programs, education, and discipleship, our Zambia church partners are connecting with the local families who need them the most.

And with the new Zambia After School Clubs our Zambia church partners are modelling Hope Story's holistic and Christ-centred approach to caring for children in need. 

The Zambia After School Clubs run by our church partners will provide:

  • Computer skills classes
  • Learning through play, for younger kids
  • Job skills & vocational training, for older youth
  • Regular checks on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health
  • Computer skills classes
  • Food pantries for under-nourished children who need a healthy snack
  • Vocational and entrepreneurship classes for parents, to bolster their child’s environment and help lift the family out of poverty

The Zambia After School Clubs will provide compassionate support for children and youth facing unthinkable challenges and will even equip parents to provide a stronger foundation for their children’s health and growth and success.

Learn more about Hope Story's Zambia partners, below.

Mongu Evangelical Church

Mongu Evangelical Church provides holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children with a focus on education. In 2009 they established Mongu Christian Academy for vulnerable children ranging in age from 4-7 years old. They also provide school fees for children in the community that can't afford to go to school, and are now launching their new After School Club to reach more kids with academic, life, and spiritual support.

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Calvary Church

Calvary Church, located in Livingstone, provides assistance to vulnerable families in their community, an outreach which first began by helping orphans and street children who required emergency care, and has grown in scope. Calvary now provides school fees to enable low-income children to attend school, and provides food packs to families suffering from malnutrition; they also run Bible Explorer clubs and youth mentorship programs. Calvary recently launched its new After School Club to help kids thrive.

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