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Since 2010, Tiempo de Paz has served children aged 5-12 in Medellín, Colombia who are vulnerable to malnutrition, sexual and substance abuse, and who have high psychological and social needs.

Initially started by leaders in the CENFOL church, they wanted to share the Gospel with vulnerable youth and provide a protected space for spiritual, emotional and physical development. In addition to nutritional and academic support, staff and volunteers also provide training to families to promote healthy family life in an area prone to gangs, drug-addiction, and sexual abuse.

Today, Tiempo de Paz operates a before and after-school program in two communities serving over 80 vulnerable children including several Venezuelan refugee children. Approximately 90% of the children come from single-mother households, and this program is essential to enabling these single-parents to seek and maintain employment.

Children attend Tiempo de Paz Monday to Friday for about 4 hours a day. They begin their day with prayer and a bible story. Other elements include:

• Two daily meals
• Academic tutoring/help with assigned homework
• Music & English Lessons
• Psychological counselling support
• Recreational activities such as dance and sport.
• Sexual Abuse Prevention Lessons
• Bible studies and capacity-building workshops for parents.
• An annual spiritual retreat for children

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Current Projects in Progress

Expanded Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

Sadly, many children supported through Tiempo de Paz require mental and emotional healing as a result of past sexual abuse, violence, or other trauma. The risk of sexual abuse is high in the region, and in addition to offering support in healing, Tiempo de Paz has begun a comprehensive prevention program incorporating both children and families in prevention workshops. If you would like to support this work, please contact us.

Supplementary Education

Free public school in Medellín runs only 4 hours a day. For families living in poverty, Tiempo de Paz is a lifeline that provides children a safe place to go for the remainder of the day. Helping children with their homework and development is an important part of the program. One of the young girls in the program recently won an award at her school (presented to only one student) for outstanding contributions to the school community and for her academic achievements.

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