Inspiring hope in Colombia

Located in the Northwest of South America, Colombia boasts a mix of soaring Andean summits, unspoiled Caribbean and Pacific coasts, lush Amazon jungle, fascinating archaeological ruins, and cobbled colonial communities steeped in history and culture. With an estimated 49 million people, Colombia is the 3rd most populous country in Latin America. Although Colombia is a democracy, it has a history marked with armed conflict, and criminal organizations. During the recent conflict a humanitarian crisis arose, and millions of people were displaced from their homes and migrated to urban cities, including an estimated 2.3 million children. Now the Colombia people are hopeful for their future as they continue to make great strides to reduce the poverty in their country and work to restore peace and prosperity to the country they love.

Tiempo de Paz: A Local Church Outreach

Tiempo de Paz operates before & after school care for children aged 5-12, as school is only a half day long here. Operating since 2010, the team serves children who are vulnerable to malnutrition, school drop-out, crime and sexual and substance abuse, and who have high psychological and social needs. They have just recently expanded from two, to three centres.

Initially started by leaders in the CENFOL church, the team at Tiempo de Paz seeks to share the Gospel with vulnerable youth and provides a protected space for spiritual, emotional and physical development. In addition to nutritional and academic support, staff and volunteers also provide training to families to promote healthy lifestyles, and offers music & art lessons for the kids.

In addition, Tiempo de Paz has a full time child psychologist on staff.

Our work in Colombia

Tiempo de Paz: 3 Locations

Providing a protective space for the spiritual, emotional and physical development of children and their families. With only four hours of public school per day for children, single mothers seeking employment need support to restore their life, and to keep their children safe from abuse and street life.

Core Needs and Education

Serving children with past trauma, a lack of food at home, and increased risk of exposure to gangs in two of Medellin's toughest communities among other vulnerabilities, we support passionate facilitators, cooks, and caregivers offering these children homework help, English tutoring, sport and outdoor activities, meals, community prayer, counseling, and tools to prevent sexual abuse.


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