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A Beacon of Hope in Troubled Times.
Published May 17, 2024, 3 min read.

In Lebanon, a country on the brink of chaos and uncertainty, lies the True Vine Church, a place where hope finds its home. At the onset of the Syrian crisis, True Vine Church took a proactive approach, establishing a small relief centre primarily aimed at assisting Syrian refugees. This initiative continued unabated until 2020.  But when Lebanon faced its own crises, including the COVID-19 lockdown and economic turmoil, the church expanded its aid efforts to include Lebanese families, increasing the distribution of food boxes from 300 to 900, with 50-50 proportions allocated to both Syrian and Lebanese recipients. This transition culminated in the establishment of a larger centre, now operating under the umbrella of the True Vine Relief Centre. 

The current situation in Lebanon is dire, with skyrocketing prices and diminished government support exacerbating the plight of vulnerable communities. Essential medications have seen a dramatic price surge, with costs that were once $10 now soared to $90. Widespread unemployment and the inability to pay for electricity further compound the challenges faced by the people.

Church minister visits Syrian refugees.
Relief centre distributing food aid and winter items to both Syrian and Lebanese in need.

Despite adversities, True Vine Church’s Relief Ministry remains constant in its commitment to serving those in need. The ministry provides a comprehensive range of assistance, including food aid, winter items, fuel vouchers, and health care services. During the summer months, they also farm a vast expanse of land to cultivate various vegetables, including tomatoes and cucumber, and then distribute the produce to 2000 families for free.   

The church’s inclusive approach has garnered widespread acceptance within the predominantly Muslim country. While initially faced with skepticism, particularly regarding perceived preference to helping only Syrians, the church’s dedication to serving all members of the community without discrimination to people’s religion or nationality has cultivated wholehearted acceptance. Today, the church reaches 1000-1500 families monthly, offering not only material assistance but also medical care, educational support, and even spiritual enrichment.  These efforts have already borne fruit, with two community centres serving a multitude and initiatives like laundry services providing both practical assistance and emotional support to community members.

Home cell groups worship and praise together.

In addition to its Relief Ministry, True Vine Church is actively engaged in educational and community development activities. The church’s educational outreach extends to 900 children across two different locations, providing them with access to schooling and educational resources. It also offers Sunday school sessions and camps for children, sending 500 kids to Bible camps. These programs not only provide spiritual nourishment but also offer a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.  True Vine Church’s discipleship ministry further strengthens its bond with the community, with weekly Bible studies, house cell groups, and prayer meetings encouraging spiritual growth and connection.


Please pray for economic and political stability in Lebanon.  As the nation struggles with inflation, unemployment, and a collective sense of despair, we pray for relief and a pathway to recovery.   

Please pray for staff and volunteers’ healing from burnout.  As the emotional and physical toll grows, we pray for their bodily and spiritual renewal as they give tirelessly of themselves. 

Please pray for their urgent need for a program to feed the kids in the community. We also pray for the Lebanese Youth. In the face of economic challenges, we pray that they seek new opportunities that enable them to secure employment and imagine a hopeful future without feeling compelled to leave their homeland. 

Praise God for the growth of 40 active Home Cell Groups!  We a pray for spiritual growth of the new believers and for the development of strong leaders who foster environments of fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and prayer.