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Celebrating 10 Years of Gampela Centre’s Community Impact
Published May 17, 2024, 3 min read.
Burkina Faso

A day of festivities marked the 10th year anniversary of Gampela Centre last November. It was a full day filled with music, praise and worship, merry-making, and meal-sharing. This event was graced by Roger Pascoe (Institute for Biblical Preaching), Tim Brown (Hope Story), and local government officials, including the former Prime Minister.

A decade after it was founded, Gampela Centre initiatives continue to flourish, with the community witnessing a significant surge in students’ dedication, evident in their impressive first-term results. Especially commendable is the commitment displayed by those gearing up for official examinations, who are actively forming study groups and participating in additional practice sessions. Teachers have taken notice, applauding and encouraging their proactive attitude.

The Ministry of Education generously donates bicycles to support displaced children in the program.
Judith enrolls in the tailoring class of Gampela Vocational School and is on track to earn her certificate and get her first-ever job!
Sogna happily receives her sewing machine.

Pastor John’s dedication shows how his strong belief and leadership have helped empower and strengthen the community.

In a beautiful display of generosity and initiative, one of the program graduates initiated a journey to Ghana to assist a missionary’s wife and share her weaving expertise. Little did she know, her skills would spark a wave of demand, with around 50 orders flooding in upon her arrival. Moved by the opportunity to make a difference, Pastor John swiftly stepped in to support the cause. Recognizing the overwhelming demand, the Gampela Centre generously donated weaving machines to aid in meeting the needs of the community. What began as a simple act of kindness soon evolved into something much greater. Together, they established a comprehensive six-month training program to empower local residents with weaving skills. Now there are already 70 eager individuals who have registered, eagerly awaiting the chance to participate in the program.

Through this inspiring collaboration, lives are being transformed, and communities are being uplifted. This impact extends not only in Burkina Faso but also to Ghana. Together, they weave a tapestry of hope and opportunity, one thread at a time.

Former Prime Minister graces the 10th Year Anniversary of Gampela Centre with his presence.
Roger Pascoe from the Institute for Biblical Preaching delivers an inspiring speech.


Please pray for guidance and strength as they support newly converted Christian children and students struggling with abuse and family challenges.

Please pray for the current security concerns and attacks in nearby provinces. May peace prevail and may all those seeking refuge find safety and comfort.

We also pray for God’s protection on the roads surrounding the centre, where frequent accidents occur.

Praise God for Pastor John’s continued recovery from Dengue fever and teeth infection! May he be restored to total health after last year’s challenges.