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Unceasing Mission to Provide Quality Education

Amani School’s Achievements in 2023.
Published May 17, 2024, 2 min read.

With all the trials and triumphs of 2023, Amani School stands tall in reaping the benefits of its commitment to the community. The year has witnessed academic achievements, with evident successes in classes 4 and 7. Transitioning to English in secondary school subjects posed challenges, yet prayers and determination accompanied students on their educational journey.

The school’s agricultural project, “Farming God’s Way,” has continued to flourish, benefiting 43 students and garnering overwhelming community support. Despite weather uncertainties, the poultry project has shown promise, proving the dedication of all involved. Life skills education remains a priority, with students engaging in a youth camp. The centre also witnessed spiritual growth through baptisms at the local church.

Forward Church, a dedicated supporter of Amani School, sent a team of Educators to Tanzania last year.

In recent community meetings, attended by over 250 individuals, topics ranging from academics to child protection were discussed. The overwhelming support from parents reaffirms the school’s commitment to quality education and nurturing a supportive environment for children. Looking ahead, recruitment efforts are underway to fill teaching vacancies and enhance student support services with the addition of a social worker.

As they reflect on the past year, the Amani School expresses its gratitude for blessings received and looks forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead. Through faith, dedication, and community support, they remain unceasing in their mission to provide quality education for the betterment of the children.

Practicing “Farming God’s Way.”


Praise God for the success of the agriculture project “Farming God’s Way.” We pray for nature’s abundance, even in challenging conditions.

Praise God for the baptism of seven individuals at the local church. Pray for their spiritual growth and commitment to their faith. May the Gospel impact their lives and bear fruit.

Please pray for good health and ongoing recovery of Sarah Isack. May God, the Great Healer, touch all that aches and restore her strength.

Likewise, we pray for Pastor Majama’s family, especially his wife Catherine and children Tito and Batendi, for steadfast faith despite the challenges and influences around them.