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Tanzania Summer Update

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Building the High School was a highlight of the past year, but the sports evangelism program and the agriculture program are also contributing to what they refer to at Amani as “building a bridge to somewhere” – because that path to “somewhere” is missing for so many kids. “So, you study theology – then you end up serving as an ‘engineer” helping to build a high school!’ said Pastor Majama recently.
Published June 29, 2022, < 1 min read.

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3

When girls and boys finish grade 7 they usually just stay at home waiting until they can get married. Teen marriage is a real problem in the community. Opportunities for girls beyond the home are extremely limited. But boys are no better equipped for life. And families will just parcel off their land to their children generation after generation until a plot of maybe 10×10 feet is left to grow enough food to sustain a family!

Plans for the future include bringing on a social worker who can counsel and support children and families with difficult home lives. Majama told us: “A social worker will serve as a link between the school and the community.”

Chui’s Story

Chui* lives with his mother and two older sisters in Tanzania. They live in a home his mother built with her own hands after the children’s father abandoned the family, with a roof made from plastic bags. His mother earns what she can, chopping down trees to make and sell charcoal. She also grows beans and vegetables on their little plot, and they just get by.

Chui attends the Amani School through child sponsorship. The school’s lunch program is a critical addition to his diet, and he receives encouragement and critical skills for his future.

Please pray for...

the Amani school teachers, and for Pastor Majama and his wife, all working long weeks, and for Sarah Isaak, the School Administrator (just married!)

the new social worker and for the sports evangelism leaders

the agriculture teachers as they help children learn important life skills

About the Amani School

The Amani School began in 2008 as outreach on the East African coast and is one of only a few primary schools where the language of instruction is English – essential to success in high school, and beyond where instruction is in English. The school is now ranked among the top 10% in the country. Currently, over 300 children receive a quality education, lunch, agriculture & vocational training, and Christian mentorship. And as of January 2022, Amani has a new High School, meeting a critical need.