Spring Webinar Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us feedback on our Spring 2021 Webinar Update series.

Even more people tuned in by Zoom or Facebook live than we had anticipated! And, we want to hear from as many of you as possible as we start planning next year's webinars.

This should just take a couple of minutes.

Facebook Live
Someone sent me the link
11AM weekday isn't convenient
I didn't hear about it all
I didn't hear about it in time to plan to attend
Webinars aren't all that interesting to me
Held in the evening
Shorter than 1 hour
Longer than 1 hour
I could ask questions live
I could ask questions beforehand
More interactivity
More live tours
Fewer live tours
Variety in hosts
Max. 1 webinar a week
2 or more webinars a week
Evening instead of morning
Hearing directly from Hope Story partners
Hearing updates about the well-being of the children
Learning about progress on current projects
Hearing about upcoming projects
Getting to know the country leaders
Getting to know Executive Director, Tim Brown
Live tours of the facilities
Ability to ask questions in chat
11AM time
Too long
Too short
Not interactive enough
Winter (Jan. - Mar.)
Spring (Apr. - Jun.)
Summer (Jul. - Sep.)
Fall (Nov. - Dec.)