Hope Stories

Sunil is Persevering

Published November 6, 2020, < 1 min read.

In this picture, standing in the back centre of the board with a checkered shirt is Sunil. He comes from a very poor family from west Nepal and does not know his father. His mother is an alcoholic and was unable to care for him.

Sadly, it is relevant to share that Sunil came from the Dalit caste (the caste that is so low it does not fit into the four-caste system), and although the law of today in Nepal rejects the caste system, the reality is that discrimination persists. As a child, during the civil war, an explosion seriously harmed Sunil’s hearing, which has proven more difficult in the past year. Tej shared that Sunil will visit the doctor soon.

A local pastor encountered Sunil when he was 15 years old and saw his need and potential. He asked SARA Ministries to support Sunil in his education. Sunil is many years behind his peers in school, but through encouragement and prayer, he has found the motivation to continue.

Sunil (now 21-years old) is in grade 10, and recently completed a driving course. Soon he can attempt his full driver’s license. He also helps around the boys’ home with meals and will sing during devotions.

Please keep Sunil in your prayers as he explores options for his hearing and presses forward towards completing his high school education.