Hope Stories

Stepping into the Gap at Tiempo de Paz

Published June 29, 2023, < 1 min read.

“It’s been a wonderful challenge,” says Liliana, Tiempo de Paz’s Director as she spoke to us recently about the adventure of opening a third Learning Centre in one of Colombia’s most notorious, drug-saturated neighbourhoods, where crime and neglect impact the children far too often.  

So, what leads Liliana to call this a “wonderful” challenge? 

She and her team – including the new Centre’s manager, a young woman who listened to the Lord’s call and left a thriving law career to step into this role – know that God has called them to step into the gap to help the children.

Learning how to stay safe online is one of many critical skills children learn at all three Tiempo de Paz Learning Centres

Local churches, law enforcement, business – they all want to see Tiempo de Paz succeed in helping children to break out of a multi-generational cycle of abuse, crime, and drug addiction. For many kids, Tiempo de Paz is not only an oasis in a threatening world. It is their first and only glimpse of a different world. A world of possibility. A world of safety. A world of hope!