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Vulnerable children need a reason to hope - champion hope for an vulnerable child today!

At-risk children around the world are vulnerable to poverty, school drop-out, homelessness, and abuse.

But you can champion hope for one child. Your child sponsorship gift of $49/month will help a boy or girl learn and grow in a caring Christian community by providing uninterrupted access to education, health, and discipleship.

Hope Story’s child sponsorship is led by local in-country church partners who show the love of Jesus in tangible ways to children and families, right in their own communities, in culturally sensitive and relevant ways.

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Sponsor a Child

How do you match me with a child to sponsor?

We believe lives are changed through relationship, and that the transformative relationship of sponsorship with us begins when you speak to a real person at Hope Story about sponsoring a child. When you fill out a sponsorship form, or contact us by phone or email, someone at Hope Story will be able talk to you about embarking on this wonderful journey of investing in a child's life!

Or call us toll free Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm at 1-866-839-5437 to start a conversation that will change a life!

Why Your Sponsorship Matters

We partner with churches in a child's community to deliver high-quality programs. With Christ at the centre and focused on relationships, we support children through:
Strong Communities

Our Commitment to You

When you partner with Hope Story, you can be confident in:

Christ-Centred Values

The Hope Story family brings together people in Canada and abroad who endeavour to follow the example of Jesus Christ in both what we do and how we do it. By partnering with local in-country churches, we invite children into a loving community. Our partners are committed to ministering the love of Jesus every day.

Lasting Impact

Your gift makes a real difference in the life of the child you sponsor. We know this because we operate our child sponsorship programs directly, working closely through our local in-country church partners who meet the needs of sponsored children in a culturally relevant way, sensitive to the child's context.

Our Guarantee

85 cents from every dollar

We endeavour to keep administrative costs as low as possible while providing excellent support to our field partners, and high accountability for our donors. Because Hope Story has a number of generous donors who contribute directly to our overhead costs, we are able to guarantee that:

85 cents of every dollar donated to children's programming goes directly to food, education, and essential support for vulnerable children (80 cents of every dollar donated to one-time/capital projects, such as the construction of a school, goes directly to our field partners).

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Billy*, Kenya

Now grown up, Billy's story is one of hope fulfilled! He is a successful graduate of Creation of Hope in Kenya, a place of love and shelter where 'Grandmother Ruth' and her team are caring for scores of orphaned children and teens.

"Hope Story has been our help. In terms of clothing--that's why even today I can say I'm thankful. Paying our school fees, caring for basic needs and everything. I thank you, sponsors back in Canada."

Once a child supported by Canadian sponsors, today he is a graduate of Masai Technical Institute in supply chain management. Watch his full story here.

Angela*, Zambia

Angela lost both of her parents at an early age - her mother was a nurse and her father an accountant. She and her siblings found themselves with no option but to go and live with an uncle who already had a very large family of his own.

There were simply too many children to feed and clothe. Her uncle struggled to send them all to school and sometimes Angela could not go because of the cost of attending.

But because of the generosity of Hope Story child sponsors, Angela and her siblings can now attend school and eat properly. She can now hope to complete her education and she wants to become a nurse, just like her mother!

Chui*, Tanzania

Chui lives with his mother and two older sisters in Tanzania. They live in a home his mother built with her own hands after the children’s father abandoned the family. The roof is made from plastic bags - it’s an amazing accomplishment but it also illustrates the challenges Chui’s family is up against.

His mother earns what she can, chopping down trees to make and sell charcoal. She also grows beans and vegetables on their little plot, and they just get by.

Chui attends the Amani School, Hope Story’s partner in Tanzania, made possible through child sponsorship. The school’s lunch program is a critical addition to his diet. The high-quality education Amani School offers, paired with mentorship, spiritual guidance, community outreach, and home visits, fill a large gap for Chui and his mother.

Diane*, Burkina Faso

One of 7 children of subsistence farming parents in the community of Gampela, in Burkina Faso, Diane's father works hard in the field all day long to feed his family. But it's always a struggle. The reservoir he draws from to water his vegetable crop always runs dry before the rains come.

Diane benefits from the big, nutritious lunch she receives at the Gampela Christian school every day, thanks to the school's daily food program. Many families in the community count on their children receiving their lunch at school to ensure they get enough to eat every day.

Diane rides her bike to school, loves to play soccer, and will receive a great education from primary school through high school, and even on to vocational school if she wants. She can also get medical care from the Gampela Clinic when she needs it - it's the only clinic in this rural community, in a country where resources are already scarce.

*children's names have been changed to protect their privacy

Why I Decided to Become a Child Sponsor

"My wife and I thought it would be appropriate that for every child God has blessed us with in our own family, we would bless a child outside of our family. We have six children and so we decided to sponsor 6 children. We have 5 sons and 1 daughter ourselves, so we sponsored 5 'daughters' and 1 'son'.  C.S. Lewis once wrote of a woman who had a ton of love in her heart for others: 'Every young man or boy that met her became her son-even if it was only the boy that brought the meat to her back door. Every girl that met her was her daughter.' This idea resonated with my wife and myself, and sponsoring children felt like one way that we could make this a reality: that all sons are our sons, and all daughters are our daughters."
Chad Pilkington, Hope Story sponsor since 2012

"We chose to become a sponsor to spread God's blessings to those in need. We connected with Hope Story through Creation of Hope - we loved the amazing work being done in Kikima and that their work was partially supported by the local community. We also love that Hope Story is a Christian organization that values transparency - they truly are an amazing partner!"
Katie McKinnon, Hope Story sponsor since 2021

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