Hope Stories

Safe and Calm at Gampela

Published June 29, 2023, < 1 min read.
Burkina Faso

Many families in northern Burkina Faso have been forced from their homes, farms, and livelihoods in recent years, fleeing from ongoing militant violence. The Gampela Centre – located in southern Burkina Faso – has become a refuge for dozens of displaced northern families. 

Pastor John tells us how important it is to help newly arrived people feel safe and calm. One way to do this is by listening to their stories. Every family has been through trauma and needs their story to be heard.

The Gampela Centre regularly welcomes the new children into the Gampela School, where this caring Christian community already works hard to help children feel valued and safe.

The Church at the Gampela Centre has an active ministry, with many people coming forward to be baptized

The community around Gampela faces its own challenges – notably poverty, recurring drought, and food shortages. But, yet no family in crisis is turned away. 

Recently, they shared the story of a woman who gave birth while in the midst of fleeing for her life – finding herself with another, tiny life to protect on the road. Miraculously both mom & baby arrived safe and sound at Gampela – ready to be embraced by the community and to start life again alongside so many newcomers. Thank you for helping to equip Gampela’s ministry!