Rosalie sitting at her desk

Rosalie’s Story

Rosalie sitting at her desk in class

Rosalie (“Rosa”) is in grade 7 at the Gampela School. When Rosalie’s parents were married, they travelled to the Ivory Coast in search of a better life. Rosalie and her siblings were all born there. Her father fell into alcohol addiction and became neglectful of the family. When things were not getting better, with pressure from Rosa’s mom, they returned to Burkina Faso.

Rosa left the family home to care for her grandmother in her 80's. Her uncle was able to pay her school fees, but after a point, he was unable to carry on as he was supporting nine other children through their education. Sadly, Rosa’s dad fell ill and passed away. Rosa’s grandmother shared that without the support of the Gampela School, and those that support it, Rosa would not have been able to carry on her education.

Rosalie and her family

Today, the family lives in a simple mud home with an iron sheet as the roof. They use firewood for cooking and heating water for baths. Rosa’s uncle continues to help the family with food. Her mother expressed that she is most thankful for the glasses purchased for Rosa by the school, for the crops they got from the Center, and especially for the care and attention received from the Gampela staff.

John also shared that both Rosa’s mother and grandmother visited him to offer their thanks – firstly for the backpack, and then for her glasses. Her grandmother brought John a chicken as a sign of her appreciation.

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