rajendra standing on a balcony

Rajendra’s Story


was found living in a landlord’s (or Master’s) house with his parents, where both of his parents had become physically paralyzed. Rajendra was part of a lower caste that did not have any right to own property. When he was found, Rajendra was severely malnourished, without any care, and not attending school.

Rajendra was brought to Pastor Tej. “I distinctly remember seeing in his eyes that he had hope,” said Tej reminiscing, “I began caring for him and sent him to school.” From the beginning, Rajendra was very successful in school. In fact, he was very often first in his class. Rajendra also always had a gentle nature about him.

"Seeing his flourishing, and transformation, has given me so much joy. By seeing him, I forget all of the difficulties I had in taking care of him, and I am motivated to continue this ministry”Pastor Tej

As Rajendra came to know Jesus and was baptized, he began helping at the SARA Church. Rajendra is now the youth leader at the church, and even sometimes leads service and preaches. He is a gifted young man. As a high school graduate, Rajendra also uses his academic skills and assists with the church accounting. Rajendra hopes to one day become a businessman so that he can contribute to God’s ministries. To that end, Rajendra applied for and was approved for a Hope Story scholarship. He now attends college in Kathmandu, where he is obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business studies. Despite this, he continues to work with the youth at the church and is able to maintain the church’s books.

Kibika at Amani Christian School

Rajendra wishes to ask for prayers for his good health, for his studies, and that he can continue to manage time for church ministry during his studies. Ranjendra wrote the following prayer: “God, give me wisdom and strength that I can guide the youth of our church in Your wisdom and way.”

“I want to thank God for the wonderful privilege of partnering with Hope Story. Nepal is really at a crucial point in time after 10 years of civil war from 1996 to 2006 and a massive earthquake. Many children are in need. By the grace of God, we have begun a great partnership with Hope Story. On behalf of the SARA Children’s Home and Ministries, I would like to thank each sponsor and partner for their generosity and willingness to help, as we really need your help.” (Pastor Tej)

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