Pendo’s Story


This is Pendo. She is in senior kindergarten and started at the school this past summer (2019). Her parents own farmland about 15 km from the school. Life is hard for the family, and the production from the farm is quite low. Her parents cannot afford to contribute anything towards her education, so Pendo receives full support to attend at Amani. “On a Saturday,” Sarah explained, “Pendo would eat just two meals at home – porridge in the morning, and something before bed.” It’s all they can manage.

For children like Pendo, receiving breakfast and lunch at the school has a huge impact.
We spoke with Pendo over the phone, as Sarah translated. Spoken like a shy 6-year old we didn’t get a lot of details, but the ones we did said enough. What she likes most about school is “reading.” She also shared that since starting school, she is “less hungry” thanks to the food program. Because Pendo doesn’t have any close neighbours, one of her favourite things about school is her new friends, with whom she likes to play soccer. Asked about chores at home, she shared that “she helps her mother wash the dishes and clean the house.”

Pendo and her older sister Helena

Pendo and her older sister Helena.

Sarah also shared, “the family brings in root vegetables, okra, and tomatoes for the school to help with the food program whenever the crop is good.” This is another testament to how much this family appreciates what you, as supporters of Hope Story and the Amani school, are doing for their children.

Pendo has an older sister in grade 5 who walks her to school. The route requires that they cross a river closer to the house. The parents walk to the river and help the children cross – not because it’s deep, but because it can be quite dangerous when the water is flowing strongly, with crocodiles in a pool below if one gets washed down.

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