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Nurturing a Holistic Growth in the Community

Calvary Church’s Multifaceted Impact in Livingstone.
Published May 24, 2024, 2 min read.

In Livingstone, the impact of Calvary church initiatives is felt through the community, touching the lives of children and supporting their development in profound ways.

The school fees program continues to be a cornerstone of the church’s support, providing educational opportunities for children from Calvary Preschool and beyond. In the last quarter, 45 children from preschool and an additional 14 from neighbouring schools received support to continue their education. These children are excelling in their studies, as reflected in their class test scores.

Daniel’s mother and her sewing business_ inspiring households to pursue economic activities through their acquired skills

Additionally, home visitation remains a vital component of these outreach efforts. As the program evolves, its impact continues to resonate far beyond the families they directly serve. With each medical check-up, group counselling session, and Bible-sharing opportunity, the ripple effect grows, drawing in neighbours and expanding the circle of beneficiaries. During the fourth quarter, 21 homes were visited, offering a range of services from individual and family counselling to medical examinations and academic assessments. This holistic approach allows the Calvary team to identify and address the unique needs of each household, ensuring that children receive the support they need to thrive.

Medical check up for one of the girls
Discipleship and Health education class during a home visit

Moreover, the church’s commitment to skills development is evident in the diverse array of programs offered to community members. From computer classes to adult literacy and cooking classes, these initiatives empower individuals to acquire new skills and pursue their passions. Furthermore, the resident nurse provides health care services that address critical health issues and promote overall wellbeing within the community.

With 105 students, including both adults and youths, participating in discipleship classes, Calvary continues to nurture the spiritual growth of community members, instilling moral values, and inspiring resilience and hope in the face of life’s challenges.


Please pray for Calvary Church, asking for Divine wisdom as volunteers lead community home visits. May these visits serve as an avenue to bring people closer to Jesus and become vessels of God’s infinite love.

Praise God for the success of computer, adult literacy, music, and cooking classes, as they empower students with knowledge and skills for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Please pray for the young minds who have completed Grade 12, that they may be granted the resources to pursue college education, paving the way for a brighter future.

Additionally, we pray that the Calvary learning centres may be able to sustain the number of students and create a positive impact on the development of the children they are serving.