Hope Stories

Mwalimu’s Story

Mwalimu is five years old and in kindergarten at Amani. He is described as a happy boy at school, and he likes to play ‘cars’ with the other children outside. “They make cars out of bottles,” Sarah explained, “using the bottle caps as wheels.”
Published November 6, 2020, < 1 min read.

Mwalimu lives with his mother and two older sisters. Several years ago, Mwalimu’s father left the family and married another woman. His mother built their home (pictured) where they live today. Part of the roof is covered only by plastic bags. While Mwalimu’s two older sisters have recently graduated from the Amani school in Tanzania, he is just beginning his journey.

To feed the family, his mother cuts firewood in the bushes to produce and sell charcoal. She also plants cassava, beans, and corn. It’s a hard life, but the education, school food program, and spiritual mentorship at Amani will give Mwalimu some security and foundations for his future. Although his mother cannot financially contribute, she so appreciates what the school is doing and brings cassava and bananas to contribute to the school’s food program when she can.