Hope Stories

Moses has new hope for his life. You can see it in his smile!

When his father passed away, Moses was just three years old.
Published December 12, 2023, < 1 min read.

It hasn’t been easy for his family to make ends meet, as Moses’* mother earns a pittance making and selling charcoal and picking up odd jobs such as gardening or doing other people’s laundry. Many kids like Moses would have dropped out of school by now, likely even before high school. They’re usually forced to quit so that they kind find work to help support the family.

Some kids turn to street crime. There are gangs roaming the streets of Livingstone, Zambia, just looking for children they can recruit.

But that’s not a foundation for a successful future! We’re glad to say that Moses is still in school, thanks to the local church folks who stepped in to help Moses with school supplies, textbooks, and after-school tutoring. The church will even help a single mom like Moses’s learn new job skills like how to operate a computer.

Not only that, but Moses and his mom have been integrated into a church community that is discipling them and pointing them towards our ultimate Hope in Jesus Christ.

By championing hope for vulnerable kids, our local church partners in Zambia and globally are demonstrating that there is indeed hope for every child’s story. Please join us and champion hope for vulnerable kids too!

Champion hope for vulnerable children like Moses