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Luisa’s Story

*Please note that Luisa’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

At 11 years old, Luisa joined the Tiempo de Paz this past January. She is a sweet and kind girl - described by her teachers as generally quiet and reserved. This past May, Liliana, director of the program, was sharing some time in prayer with Luisa.

After praying together, Liliana reached out to bless Luisa, making the sign of the cross on her forehead. At that very moment, Luisa burst into tears uncontrollably. Through her tears, Luisa began telling Liliana about the sexual abuse she had been undergoing at the hands of her uncle for the past six months. Through her sobs, she asked Liliana to help her, sharing that she could not go to her parents alone.

“I’m trusting in you, please don’t leave me alone in this...”Luisa
The news was painful for the staff and most painful for Luisa’s parents, but neither can compare to the pain and fear that had gripped Luisa over the past six months. Liliana shared with us her sense that the Holy Spirit enabled Luisa to divulge her pain that day, moving her with strength in that moment of connection and prayerful blessing.

Gathering at new centre

 Believing in the power of prayer, we thank you for your continued prayer for these vulnerable children and for your sponsored child in particular.

While stories such as this are hard to hear, it is this personal and holistic care that is truly making a difference.
Just a few days before this event, Luisa’s parents had attended a workshop at the centre on the need to be your child’s role model and protector. In some small way, this provided Luisa’s mother with a little extra groundwork on how to be there for their daughter at this moment. Police involvement, daily meetings with Luisa’s parents and ongoing support from staff and Liliana have helped to restore peace and a sense of safety in Luisa’s life.

Tiempo de Paz truly is a haven of Peace, allowing children to open up their hearts and place trust where they have not been able to before. “The staff at Tiempo de Paz care so deeply for the children, as if they were their own children, that the children often run to their teachers to embrace them when they arrive,” shares Gina at Hope Story, who visited the program last year.

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