Hope Stories

Judith’s Courage and Hope

Published June 27, 2023, < 1 min read.
Burkina Faso

Imagine being the mother of a preschooler and a newborn, only to have your husband suddenly divorce you and marry another woman – leaving you and both of your children vulnerable to poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

That’s the reality Judith woke up to one morning. 35 years old, with no education or work experience, Judith had been completely dependent on her husband. She now had to figure out how she would take care of herself and her two young children.

But Judith is a hard-working woman of courage and vision! She heard about the Gampela Vocational School and its reasonable fees thanks to the generous support of Hope Story donors. She borrowed the money from a relative and enrolled in the tailoring class this year. Her 4-year-old daughter is enrolled in the Gampela School Kindergarten class, her tuition supported, and Judith is able to bring her baby son with her to class if needed.

Judith is on track to earn her first ever graduation certificate and get her first ever job!

The Gampela Centre helps vocational school grads with job placement, and a few even qualify for the graduation gift of a sewing machine which helps people to set up their own business after they complete an apprenticeship job placement.

At Hope Story, sometimes championing hope for at-risk children means giving at-risk parents a boost like job training – because stronger families who can provide for their children build stronger communities where there are fewer at-risk children and more thriving families who are equipped to reach out and help those who are still struggling.