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A Goat to Provide Milk for a Child in Kenya

Gift Item # 3523
Give goat milk to help nourish an at-risk child living in impoverished circumstances. Many live in the sole care of an elderly grandparent, who will also benefit from this additional source of nutrition.
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Agriculture Skills: Vocational Training for 1 Dad or Mom

$50 - $200
Gift Item # 2123
Teach a parent sustainable and drought resistant farming methods at the new Agriculture Vocational School at the Amani School in rural Tanzania. These skills could give a boost to an entire community for generations.
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Be a Monthly Champion of Hope for at-risk children

Gift Item # 0323
Help a child to learn and grow in a caring Christian community with education, health, and discipleship. Be a Champion of Hope through monthly giving.
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Boost 1 Kid's Academic Success at a Zambia Learning Centre

$44 - $457
Gift Item # 2223
Give an at-risk child or teen in Zambia a boost for academic success by providing tutoring & extra-curricular opportunities.
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Bring a Birthday Celebration to a Child

$10 - $100
Gift Item # 1023
Give a child a birthday party. This gift to provide a birthday celebration for a vulnerable child could make a great Christmas stocking stuffer for someone in your own family.
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Computer Classes for Teens in Zambia

$110 - $330
Gift Item # 2323
Give a young person in Zambia a better chance at obtaining a job or advanced skills training, by providing computer skills.
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Early Childhood Education in Colombia: ECE Teachers

$45 - $2,250
Gift Item # 3023
Nurturing tender hearts and minds! Provide Early Childhood Education for at-risk kids.
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Gampela Medical Clinic Staff and Supplies

$30 - $300
Gift Item # 1123
Equip a medical clinic. For just $20 a day, you can provide access to medical care for vulnerable children and community members at the Gampela Clinic in Burkina Faso with a special focus on pregnancy, birth, and newborn care.
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Give At-risk Kids in Tanzania Access to a Trained Social Worker

$5 - $35
Gift Item # 3323
Equip the Amani School to keep two social workers on site, supporting the kids' social & emotional well-being. Many kids here have nowhere else to turn for help, and children in this remote Tanzanian community have urgent, un-met needs.
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Help Teens Learn and Grow at New Hope Youth Centre in Thunder Bay

$50 - $500
Gift Item # 0423
Help a Canadian youth centre thrive! Your gift will equip the team at New Hope Youth Centre offer mentoring and recreational resources for teens at this critically needed drop-in centre in Thunder Bay, ON.
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Help Where Most Needed

$35 - $250
Gift Item # 0123
A gift to help where most needed will champion hope for at-risk children by helping us to equip our church partners in seven countries.
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Hope & Care Fund for Orphans in Kenya

$15 - $200
Gift Item # 0523
Imagine taking care of nearly 80 orphaned children in one place! From shoes to soap; from food to bedding, from medicines to toothpaste - just think about all that is needed here. You can equip the team at Creation of Hope to meet the daily needs of the orphaned children who have found a loving, nurturing home at Creation of Hope in this very practical, tangible way.
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When you designate a contribution for use in a particular program, we will honour that designation, with the understanding that if the need for such a program or project is met, your gift will be used where most needed.