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Mental Health: Child & Family Counselling

$60 - $240
Gift Item # 0723
Help a vulnerable child to walk towards hope. This gift brings hope and healing to vulnerable, and often abused, children in Colombia through funding a child psychologist for the after-school centres.
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Musical Instruments for Children

$20 - $75
Gift Item # 2723
Equip our church partners to give music lessons to vulnerable kids – our church partners need to purchase the instruments the children will share.
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Primary & High School Tuition

$52 - $208
Gift Item # 1423
Help cover a child's school fees. School fees are the cost of going to elementary school in most of the countries where we work.
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Scholarship Fund

$2,280 - $6,840
Gift Item # 1323
Give a young person a chance to attend post-secondary school - college, university, or trade school.
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School Supplies for Children

$12 - $120
Gift Item # 0821
Fill a child's school bag! School supplies are often hard to access for a family who is working hard just to survive.
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Sewing Machine for a Vocational School Graduate

Gift Item # 3123
Give a sewing machine to a vocational school graduate in Burkina Faso or Zambia, giving them a head start in earning income.
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Vocational School Training, Gampela Centre

$250 - $1,000
Gift Item # 1623
Expand the Gampela Vocational School in Burkina Faso to include electrical courses, and more! Masonry, sewing and weaving are already being taught here to help provide security for a young person's future and job training opportunities are critical to equipping young people to rise out of generational poverty.
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When you designate a contribution for use in a particular program, we will honour that designation, with the understanding that if the need for such a program or project is met, your gift will be used where most needed.