maurice standing by a bush

Hungry No More

For most

of us, hunger is solved in a few moments by reaching for a snack or meal. For Maurice* in Burkina Faso, that rumble was a constant pain that consumed every waking moment of his life.

Maurice was a quiet, withdrawn boy, and would often cry at school. His teachers noticed he had great potential, but he was always sick, and his grades were suffering. Last year his grades dropped, and he didn’t pass Grade One at the end of the school year.

Concerned, his teachers at the Gampela Centre tried to find out what was going on. Maurice shared that he was hungry. There was only enough food in his family to eat one small meal at night. So, during the day he had to go without food.

The teachers at the Gampela Centre wanted to help the students who struggled with malnutrition. Eventually, a school feeding program was created.

Today, Maurice and his fellow students receive a nutritious lunch.
This nutrient-dense meal provides extra calories to meet their daily nutritional requirements and also provides them with the energy required to stay mentally alert. Thanks to the donations from generous Hope Story supporters, the new feeding program has been a huge success. Maurice is healthier, mentally alert, and his grades are improving. Maurice’s hunger tears are now replaced with smiles and joy. His teachers are hopeful that he will pass Grade One this year and continue to be successful in his studies.

*pseudonym used to protect identity

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