Hope Stories

From Violent Drawings to Positive Art

Justin’s Journey with Tiempo de Paz.
Published May 17, 2024, < 1 min read.

Justin, a lively 10-year-old from Barrio Bostón, has faced his fair share of challenges in life. With a family history marked by separation and abandonment, Justin found consolation in the welcoming arms of Tiempo de Paz’ support program. Living with his mother, stepfather, and younger sister, Justin’s journey has been a strained family dynamic. Despite these challenges, Justin’s spirit remains unbroken. With the support of the Centre, he found a refuge where he could flourish and thrive. Through counseling sessions and medical care, Justin learned valuable strategies to cope with his struggles at home and excel in school. “I used to feel alone and misunderstood,” Justin shares, “but now I have friends who understand me and help me grow.”  The impact of the program extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Justin’s once troubled sketches have evolved into vibrant expressions of hope and optimism. “My drawings used to be filled with violence,” Justin reflects, “but now they’re full of joy and positivity.”