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Expanding Horizons and the Capacity to Serve

Tiempo de Paz’s Journey in Empowering and Protecting Youth.
Published May 17, 2024, 3 min read.

In Bostón, at Tiempo de Paz headquarters, children dive into a world of joy through swimming, thanks to their partnership with the Metropolitan Technological Institute. With every stroke, they conquer fears, cheered on by their coach, who celebrates their progress. Parents beam with pride as their kids are recognized for their swimming skills. 

During the holiday season, Tiempo de Paz hosted a Gala Night and a donation drive. With months of preparation, the children eagerly showcased their talents, sharing powerful testimonies that touched the hearts of all in attendance. The launch of their month-long donation campaign further highlighted the Centre’s commitment to supporting children and empowering future generations. In the spirit of Christmas, families gathered for the enchanting “Wonderland” musical, where the timeless parable of the Prodigal Son resonated deeply. Through the performances, the message of love and redemption was shared, touching hearts, and sparking conversations about faith and family.

Little girl shows off her big grin while enjoying playtime with other kids at the centre.

The recent acquisition of a second building in San Javier, Medellín, signifies an important milestone in the organization’s mission to provide support to a larger number of vulnerable children in the country. With intentional expansion in mind, the new property not only offers a secure location but also triples our capacity to serve, increasing beneficiaries from 40 to 120 children.  

Additionally, there is a transition in the operation of the Guayabal centre, where support within the community will continue despite the physical centre closing, this time, in collaboration with the local church. Although services will be simplified, Tiempo de Paz’ commitment remains constant, including ongoing visits from the psychologist for regular program attendees. 

In recent years, another insidious “pandemic” has plagued the streets of Medellin – the exploitation of children through sex tourism. Shockingly, certain areas of the city have become hotspots where underage girls and boys are exploited for profit. At Tiempo de Paz, efforts are underway to combat this issue by educating parents about the dangers their children face on the streets. Fortunately, the new mayor has joined the fight against this and has implemented a curfew for young children. This curfew prohibits minors from roaming the streets after a certain hour, a significant step towards protecting vulnerable children. It’s heartening to see the government actively collaborating in the effort to eradicate this appalling practice alongside organizations like Tiempo de Paz.

Children are happily showing off their strokes and swimming skills.
At the Gala Night, following their successful performance, the children eagerly pose in their costumes.


Please pray that God sends them more dedicated individuals to join their team. Specifically, we pray for male volunteers to step forward. The boys in the program need male role models in their lives, providing guidance and support as they navigate their journey to manhood.  

Praise God for the recent purchase of the second building in San Javier, Medellín!  With this new centre, they can now help three times as much vulnerable kids in the area. 

Please pray for every centre to have access to a psychologist. An additional help for Maria Eugenia, their current psychologist, would be a support to address the mental health needs of victims of sexual abuse in schools. 

Praise God for centre graduates as they creatively search for ways to work alongside the foundation. May these opportunities of involvement deepen their faith and inspire them to live lives of purpose and integrity.