Hope Stories

Elizabeth lives in Kenya

Published June 29, 2022, 2 min read.

Elizabeth plans to be a doctor now – but not too many years ago she “had no hope for her future,” as she told us recently. Orphaned, being raised by her grandmother, an aunt was paying for her school fees, but then at one point was not able to continue paying as the money had simply run out. This meant that Elizabeth could not attend high school, a fee-based system in Kenya.

But then someone from Creation of Hope visited her – it was on a Sunday, she tells us – and by a Monday Elizabeth was enrolled in high school, her fees paid by Creation of Hope. “Then I had hope about my future,” she says.

“I want to be a doctor and I’d like to help other people the way I was helped such as orphans and widows. I want to repay. My dream when I become a doctor is to help my family, such as my aunts and my grandmother, and my cousins and help them to reach where I am. I’d like to build a house for my grandmother and make sure she has enough food and does not lack anything.” Elizabeth is confident in her future, and while we’re quite sure that a lot of that confidence comes from her own inner strength, she – like many of us – also needed to have someone come alongside her with the support she needed, when she needed it most.