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Urgent Needs

keep kids in school - and learning

Learning Centres: Zambia

With a student-to-teacher ratio as high as 70 or 80 kids to every 1 teacher, many children in Zambian schools are getting left behind. This leads to discouragement, truancy, and eventual drop-out.

Helping kids to learn and grow - all in a caring Christian community - is a priority for our three Zambia church partners.

Skilled volunteers tutor in subjects like computer skills, math and literacy.

Help write hope into a child's story today.

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Highlighted Projects

Teacher Training and Development

Train Teachers in Africa

In many locations across the African continent a lack of proper teacher support, training, and resources contribute to poor learning outcomes. But Hope Story supports a global on-site Teacher Training initiative led by Canadian volunteer teachers who coordinate a teacher training curriculum which is rooted in academic literature, highly relational, activity-based, and is God-honouring. Your gift will fund teacher training and change the trajectory of children's lives.
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school: giving vulnerable kids their best chance

Tuition: Help Kids Go to School

Orphaned and impoverished children can too easily drop out of school and some may even end up living on the streets. But a relatively small investment in education support early on can re-write that story. We see formerly vulnerable children grow up to become teachers, bankers, pastors, and electricians - and then go on to help their community and their families become stronger.

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Creating a safe, caring place for teens

First Nations Youth Drop in Centre, Thunder Bay

Led by First Nations elders of New Hope Fellowship Church who seek to be a light in their own city to youth, New Hope Youth Centre is our Canadian partner. The youth centre team needs ongoing support to keep the doors open for as many days a week as possible, to serve as a safe and nurturing place for as many teens as possible in Thunder Bay.

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Fight hunger one lunch at a time

Breakfast and Lunch Programs for Students

Without a full belly it's hard for children to learn. Yet too many children arrive at school without having breakfast - and for some especially vulnerable children a school lunch may be the largest meal of their day. And so, our global church partners put a lot of thought and meal planning into their school lunch programs. Your gift will both help children reach their basic nutritional needs and also get the most out of their school day.

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provide families with the tools to thrive

Vocational School: Burkina Faso

In an impoverished and food-insecure corner of the world, the church at Gampela is generating new hope by serving their own community through whole-person outreach which includes a pre-school, elementary & high schools, and now the newly built Vocational Training School. Sewing, masonry, and weaving - with more trades to come soon - are giving youth and young parents the ability to build a stronger future where children can grow up in health and security, and where young parents are equipped to ensure that their families can thrive and meet the challenges of living in an under-served area. Through it all, the love of Jesus is taught and demonstrated.

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Equip youth with tools for life

Vocational Skills Training: Where Most Needed

Both youth and parents are benefitting from our vocational training programs. These programs bridge the gap in remote communities where affordable job training is scarce or non-existent, and they create new options for low income families to provide for their children. Youth and adult training programs create positive generational transformation, offering teens and families the tools to thrive through obtaining relevant job skills, and they provide a long-term path out of poverty both for today's families and for tomorrow's children.

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build a bridge to a stronger future

Daily Needs at Amani School: Tanzania

Amani School serves a remote community of subsistence farming families, where school drop-out, followed by teen marriage and youth unemployment, has served to perpetuate generational poverty. But with the enthusiastic support of the families in the community, the Amani Primary School and the (new!) High School are giving children what the team calls "a bridge to somewhere" and re-writing the end of the story by providing education, life skills, and discipleship. Between nutritious lunches, support from a trained social worker, agriculture skills building, and a top notch education, your gift today will help build that bridge for children.

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Show the kids we celebrate their lives!

Celebration Fund

Help children celebrate their birthday or Christmas. Especially as many orphaned children do not know their actual birth date, reminding them of their value and worth as a person and a beloved created child of God is an important part of helping them reach their potential. Just $5 provides a birthday celebration for one child. And your contributions also support Christmas and other group celebrations for the kids.

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Invest in the next generation

Post-secondary Scholarships

Fuel young people to reach their God-given potential. As these students become tailors, doctors, teachers, engineers, masons, business-people, mechanics, etc. our hope is that many will stay to build up their own communities and become the leaders of tomorrow. Scholarships take young people the final step of the way into a stable adulthood where they will be able to provide well for their own children and give back to their community.

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nurture global engagement and empathy

International Teams

Support an individual who has decided to travel to one of our global church partner locations - sacrificing their time, gifts, and talents to give of themselves to help support our church partners in special projects, and to grow personally and spiritually.

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