Hope Stories

Discovering Inner Strength

Diane’s Journey of Hope and Healing at Gampela Centre.
Published May 17, 2024, < 1 min read.
Burkina Faso

Diane in her first year sewing classroom.

Diane’s story begins in a turbulent environment, facing neglect and mistreatment in her uncle’s home where his spouse verbally and morally abuses her as a form of intimidation. In the beginning, she was often absent-minded and lacked concentration. But despite the challenges, she found a glimmer of hope in the sewing class offered at the Gampela Centre. As Diane immersed herself in learning, her teacher noticed something more beneath the surface – a young woman in need of support and encouragement. With patience and love, Diane’s teacher became her constant support, helping her rebuild her confidence and rediscover her inner strength. And let’s not forget to highlight the work of Pastor Mathew, whose prayers and guidance provided a layer of spiritual support to Diane. She is one of the 740 students who receive one-on-one counseling with the pastor. Today, Diane flashes her smile so brightly; a testament that despite life’s hardships, there is hope for the future.