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Creating Hope

Published June 29, 2023, 2 min read.

Recently we asked Ruth Kyatha, Director of children’s centre Creation of Hope, to tell us more about how her team helps the couple of hundred or so vulnerable children who live with family members in the community around Creation of Hope. 

Largely orphaned – but not always – these boys and girls are considered vulnerable and often live with an elderly grandparent or single mom, someone who cares for the child but may struggle to provide the necessities of life. 

Children need whole-person care, and Creation of Hope also helps at-risk children to learn about the love of God, their creator and redeemer

It’s a wonderful idea – that a child who has lost his or her parents would have the chance to live in a home with family members. But often an elderly grandparent cannot work and may even be ill. In some cases, children live with a single mom widowed or abandoned by the child’s father. This kind of situation can leave a very young child responsible for gathering firewood to use to cook supper (if there is any supper) and going to a stream to fetch water daily for drinking and cooking and doing other survival chores – leaving little time for schoolwork . But some children cannot afford a school uniform or high school fees anyway and must drop out of school to go to work.  

Creation of Hope is actively growing its outreach, offering food baskets, school fees, clothing, and other support for kids. Creation of Hope offers a lifeline to vulnerable children living in their community!