COVID-19 | Supporting our Partners

Help support children and families during the outbreak

Many of the children you support through Hope Story have been going through a difficult time - poor families, often working in service industries, have been hit hard during this pandemic. In some cases, the schools, after school programs, and food programs still cannot reopen per government regulations.
Give to outbreak initiatives for families

Thanks to you...

our Hope Story family gave over $220,000 dollars to help vulnerable children and families weather this storm, providing:

over 5000 children and family members with groceries and soap; and

over 500 children with electronic or paper resources to continue their education at home.

However, for some children and families, the needs remain urgent and ongoing. In Colombia, for example, the centre for children has not been able to reopen and many families have not seen their employment return. In Livingstone, Zambia, Africa, many families remain out of work, as tourism has ground to a halt, and children have required food support during this time of recovery. Some families were so low on food, they were only eating every other day.

Let's pray together...

  • that our collective support and the kindness of neighbours will mitigate the suffering of children and families;
  • that the core nutritional needs of families and children will be met;
  • that God may bless the children and families we serve with peace and comfort in the midst of uncertainty and loss of income;
  • that our partner churches around the world would serve as beacons of Hope and Good News in the midst of suffering and discouragement;
  • that those diagnosed with the virus all over the world may recover and experience the love of God and others despite the isolating circumstances.

We are happy for the children in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, and Burkina Faso where the children have already returned to school. In Nepal and Colombia, schools and after school programs remain closed at this time. All of our partners have required and received COVID-relief to support the families and children through this time.

Hope Story continues to work to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable children – ensuring vulnerable families are supported, delivering groceries and basic necessities including soap, and providing children with resources to continue their education remotely where schools remain closed.

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