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Colombia Winter/Spring Update

Colombia, Tiempo De Paz

2022 came to a close with the exciting news that a third Tiempo de Paz children’s centre was finally opening. Long awaited, and long planned – this centre is located in one of the very roughest parts of the tough city of Medellin.
Published February 16, 2023, 2 min read.

Director Liliana remains confident that: “God always fulfills his promises in His time!” and expressed thankfulness that the Gospel is spreading through the world. Some preschool children actually showed up at the new centre with no knowledge of how to use cutlery. This is clearly new territory for the teachers here!

A teacher at Tiempo de Paz led this prayer at the Virtual Christmas Dinner: “We thank God for His help and support through 2022 – as He equipped us through the year to build His kingdom on earth. We pray that Tiempo de Paz will keep working for God’s purposes faithfully, despite the challenges we face – that we will keep working for God because He has given us a big work to accomplish. We thank God for the kids and their families, and that He allows Tiempo de Paz to bring the message of His salvation to children and families, and also to care for physical and other needs. We pray for the other Hope Story partners around the world who are also working for the Lord – that God will bless their work too.”

In a violent city, widely controlled by gangs and drug lords, impoverished children can fall through the cracks as parents – often single moms working at low paying jobs – struggle against the odds to create a stable home life. This is why Tiempo de Paz is committed to reaching as many of Medellin’s vulnerable children as possible.

A new addition to the Centre’s outreach is teaching & playing soccer – useful for teaching the kids teamwork, discipline, concentration, focus, planning and life lessons. Often coming from families where structure is difficult to provide, sports can help fill a gap in many a child’s life.

Child and Family Psychology Support remains a key piece of Tiempo de Paz’s outreach. Liliana related this tragic story of a little girl when sharing with the global group at the Christmas dinner, of an only child whose parents moved the family to another neighbourhood for safety; on a visit home to see family her mother was violently killed by criminals. Devastated, she and her father both needed the help of the child psychologist and the supportive community of Tiempo de Paz. This little girl is one of far too many young children who have experienced tragedy and loss. Tiempo de Paz provides a safe place in a dangerous world.

Please pray for...

computer lessons for children – including lessons in online safety – as well as computer skills certificates for adults which can especially benefit single moms if they qualify for this initiative.

long-term positive results from recent Abuse Prevention seminars. Children as well as parents are learning to recognize and prevent child abuse.

the many child and family refugees from Venezuela who are trying to make a new life in Colombia, especially for those who make their way to Tiempo de Paz.

About Tiempo De Paz

In Medellin, Colombia, the Tiempo de Paz Foundation supports about 100 vulnerable children in community drop-in centres with before & after school care. The children attend four hours each day, as public schools run for only half of the day. They receive nutritional and academic support, enjoy sports and music together, receive counselling, and pray as a community. With three (!) centres now located in three of the city’s toughest neighbourhoods, it’s a safe place for vulnerable children.