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Colombia Summer Update

Colombia, Tiempo De Paz

The city’s founding history and collective memory are uniquely rooted in the drug cartels. And although the cartels’ presence has reduced in recent years, the city still lives both with the scars and the present reality of drug dealing. When we asked her how this ministry originated, Liliana said: “Initially it was born from works we did at our church, going to the streets … they were there because they were abused and impoverished when they were children. To stop the cycle, we needed to start working with children in the community.”
Published June 29, 2022, < 1 min read.

Medellin is home to many impoverished families and hope feels scarce for kids & parents. But Liliana and her church have stepped in to fill the gap to minister, in particular to vulnerable and single-mom-led families.

And Liliana recently shared some good news about the new computer labs, funded mainly by Canadian supporters, where both children and parents are able to learn basic computer literacy. Some of the parents – many of them single moms – will even be able to earn a recognized computer skills certificate! Some parents did not know how to write an email before this.

Child Psychologist

Another urgent need has been met in this past year through hiring a child psychologist. Liliana says: “This is a very special psychologist – and a person of faith. Even we are surprised by how good the results are! Children are now saying they are happier, and more at peace. We give glory to God for His work through the psychologist.”

During the pandemic feelings of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed among the children and their parents. During the pandemic, many lost their grandfathers, who had been filling the role of a father figure.

As 2022 moves forward, so does Liliana’s conviction of her calling, which includes opening the third centre. Liliana explains that it will be located in a community where there are even more drug dealers, and therefore even more social problems. It won’t be easy, but she knows she has been called to do this.

Please pray for...

Liliana and her team of eight: for strength and focus on God’s call

more volunteers to help out at the centre

the opening of a third centre in 2022

About Tiempo De Paz

In Medellin, Colombia, the Tiempo de Paz Foundation supports about 100 vulnerable children in community drop-in centres with before & after school care. The children attend four hours each day, as public schools run for only half of the day. They receive nutritional and academic support, enjoy sports and music together, receive counselling, and pray as a community. With three (!) centres now located in three of the city’s toughest neighbourhoods, it’s a safe place for vulnerable children.