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Charting a Path to Economic Independence and Self-sufficiency

Creation of Hope’s Commitment to Transforming Young Lives.
Published May 17, 2024, 2 min read.

At the end of 2023, 156 bright-eyed children took on a road filled with promise. Despite adversity, Creation of Hope remained resolute in its commitment to caring for young lives. Monthly food distributions provided essential sustenance, ensuring that no child went hungry, even during disruptions caused by inclement weather.  These distributions are vital way to support children living with family in the community, as only half of the children cared for by Creation of Hope reside on campus. 

Educational milestones marked significant achievements throughout the year. From Grade 6 to Form 4 examinations, each test result proved the children’s continuous development. Admirably, Grade 8 students showcased commendable results, with eight out of eleven qualifying for high school, while the remaining three embraced opportunities for skills development such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and agriculture.

Ecstatic to receive colouring and sticker books based on the Bible.
Engrossed in homework and solving math problems (left). Kids happily enjoying the playground donated by Hope Story (right).

Moreover, Creation of Hope recently won a large, four-year grant from the Government of Canada to teach vulnerable women in Makueni County to better manage their chicken farming – one of the most common income generating activities in the area. This grant is paired with a large private donation that will allow Creation of Hope to offer discipleship classes to all participants! Ruth Kyatha and her team are excited about how this will pave the way for economic independence and self-sufficiency among women across the region, directly touching more than 10,000 lives!    

Yet, despite progress, challenges loomed large. Economic instability cast a shadow over daily life, with inflation posing a significant hurdle. Nevertheless, the program remained buoyed by the steady support of organizations like Hope Story, ensuring that the work with the children continues. 

Educational obstacles, including instances of absenteeism, served as reminders of the uphill battle faced by many children. However, with guidance and support, the program remained firm in its mission to uplift and empower, ensuring that every child thrived.


Praise God for funding that allow Creation of Hope to teach poultry farming to 10,000+ local women and men!  

Please pray for Ruth Kyatha, asking for God’s strength and grace as she manages these new projects. May God guide her steps, thoughts, actions, and words, that she may work in a manner that pleases Him and brings glory to His name.  

Please pray for the children who are sick, especially a young girl who suffers chronically from pain in her breast. We pray for healing and breakthrough, that she may be restored to full health and well-being.