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Changing Life’s Trajectory for the Better

How Calvary Church Transformed Maureen’s Education.
Published May 24, 2024, < 1 min read.

Raised by a single mother facing financial hardships, Maureen’s education was at risk of being cut short. However, with the intervention of Calvary Church, Maureen’s life trajectory changed dramatically. Through the sponsorship provided by a Canadian donor, Maureen continued her education, attending a boarding school until she completed her Grade 12 studies. Despite the challenges she faced, Maureen exhibited unmatched determination and skill. Her hard work and dedication enabled her to excel in her studies, particularly in English and French. During the school’s overall evaluation of student performance, Maureen emerged as the top student in these subjects—an extraordinary feat considering her circumstances. Recognizing her exceptional performance, Maureen was awarded for her academic excellence, a proud moment for her.