Standing Between Hunger and a Child

“If only the rains would come more often,” Elias* thinks, as he walks the long road to school – his stomach completely empty. His last...


From Death-Defying Escape to A New Beginning

“I am 100% sure that God is here, and He listens to our prayers. I tell God that my kids’ lives are His.” These are...


A Grandmother’s Hope 

The lush green scenery of the mountains in and around Kikima, Kenya is truly beautiful! But it can mask the hash realities of life here....


Kids Need a New Vision of Hope!

Young Mary* attends a primary school in Colombia and receives after school care for vulnerable children at Tiempo de Paz....

Burkina Faso

Judith’s Courage and Hope

Imagine being the mother of a preschooler and a newborn, only to have your husband suddenly divorce you and marry another woman – leaving you...


Ben* lives in Burkina Faso and he loves to read!

Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in western Africa, can be a challenging place to grow up in. 90% of its people are dependent on subsistence...


Elizabeth lives in Kenya

Elizabeth plans to be a doctor now – but not too many years ago she “had no hope for her future,” as she told us...


Moses* lives in Zambia

When his father passed away, Moses was just 3 years old. It hasn’t been easy, as his mother earns what little she can making &...


Ashur* lives in Tanzania

Ashur is part of an isolated group of people in Tanzania called the Digo, who have been left behind in education and their children considered...


Carina* lives in Colombia

Carina lives in the city of Medellin with her family of seven. Her mother is the sole breadwinner, while her father mainly takes care of...


Sunil is Persevering

In the photo below, standing in the back centre of the board with a checkered shirt is Sunil. He comes from a very poor family...


Mwalimu’s Story

Mwalimu is five years old and in kindergarten at Amani. He is described as a happy boy at school, and he likes to play ‘cars’...