Hope Stories

Carina* lives in Colombia

Published June 29, 2022, < 1 min read.

Carina lives in the city of Medellin with her family of seven. Her mother is the sole breadwinner, while her father mainly takes care of the children. Without enough money to put milk in the fridge all of the time, she and her siblings often went hungry.

Carina has had a lot of reasons to be afraid, and in school she struggled with speech delays, which made it difficult to learn. She arrived at Tiempo De Paz in a state of fear. When she and her siblings joined the group at Tiempo De Paz, her family received milk for the fridge, along with food assistance and school supplies.

Tiempo De Paz has taken a huge weight off their parents’ shoulders by helping Carina and her siblings. The teachers and the child psychologist at the Foundation have encouraged Carina and helped her begin to face her fears, and she is also receiving a helping hand with her schoolwork. She is improving and her schoolwork and speech are both doing better. Carina’s story is coming together with hope!

*Child’s name has been changed to protect her privacy