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We are celebrating with NHYC that they are now open 6 days a week, since New Year’s. The Centre’s open rate went from 1 day a week to 6 days in less than a year!
Published February 16, 2023, 2 min read.

And the 2022 NHYC Christmas party was a huge success. Food and gifts were shared with the youth, and it was a great time of fellowship for all, with over 30 youth in attendance. They were almost too full (if there is such a thing!) as they had to create a 2nd sitting for the dinner to fit everyone in as more youth came than expected.

As Director Andrew Lang and his team shared, they saw some new faces show up for first time at the party, kids they hope will come back again. It was a good time to make some new connections in the community.

John 15:5 says “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Expanding activities to include arts & crafts at New Hope Youth Centre means that there is a broader set of activities to interest more young people, and the Centre is blessed to have a skilled young woman lead this popular activity as a volunteer.

Recently, Andrew shared with us that the youth centre community is growing and getting stronger – with many of the kids coming out on a very regular basis. He says his primary focus right now is reaching more youth in the community.

We are looking to advertise our activities more and we are partnering with churches and local organizations to get the word out. And we are growing in this area – to have our workers at the school during the day to help youth become more familiar with our staff and get to know our programs.

Andrew Lang

Please pray for...

for new connections – that newcomers will continue to feel welcome and will join the NHYC community.

both the young people, and for the volunteers who are giving of their time to make the kids feel valued. That the Holy Spirit would be at work.

local young adults who are dealing with homelessness and joblessness. This is a huge issue in the city of Thunder Bay, and young adults need support, and a sense of purpose and of hope.

About the New Hope Youth Centre

More than 10 years ago New Hope Fellowship Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario - a First Nations’ led church – founded a youth centre dedicated to serving First Nations’ teens. Most of the young people are from homes in Northern Ontario communities and have come to Thunder Bay for high school. New Hope Youth Centre (NHYC) provides a safe place to hang out, make friends, receive encouragement, and hear about God’s love.