Hope Stories

Blossoming in Confidence and Faith

A Young Learner’s Success at MEC School.
Published May 24, 2024, < 1 min read.

Karen, a 5-year-old student at MEC School, radiates joy and curiosity in every step she takes. Despite coming from a humble background and being one of four siblings, Karen’s enthusiasm for learning knows no bounds. Her father works tirelessly to support the family. Yet they face challenges, including accommodation struggles in their rented home located five to six kilometres from the school. But Karen’s spirit remains unshaken. With God’s grace and determination, she walks the distance to school each day, fueled by her passion for reading, running, jumping, and singing. Karen dreams of a better future, where her family owns a home and lives comfortably. Despite the obstacles, her character shines through. With the loving guidance of her teachers and the resources provided by donors, Karen’s growth is evident. She delights in her newfound ability to speak English, proudly reciting the alphabet and showcasing her artistic talents through drawing and painting. Grateful for the transformation she has undergone, Karen acknowledges the impact of MEC on her life, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities it has afforded her. Apart from academics, Karen’s involvement in church activities reflects her blossoming confidence and faith. She eagerly recites memorized verses in English, empowered at such a young age.