Hope Stories

Ashur* lives in Tanzania

Published June 29, 2022, < 1 min read.

Ashur is part of an isolated group of people in Tanzania called the Digo, who have been left behind in education and their children considered not worth educating at all. We think differently.

We see a child’s worth through God’s eyes, and we and our Tanzanian church partner at Amani School know that the Digo people are created in the image of God and have intrinsic value as His creation. We know that the children here deserve a chance at more than generational poverty, teen marriage, and subsistence farming on tiny plots of land carved ever smaller with each generation. And so, the Amani Schools – a primary school and now a high school which also gives vocational skill training – were built from the ground up in Ashur’s isolated community.

Ashur’s family does not have electricity. He has the chance to go to the Amani school to improve his options in life but cannot keep up with his studies at night after the farm chores are done. The solution was so simple yet so impactful: a solar light!

Now Ashur can read and study at night, and work to develop his potential and to envision hope for a strong, healthy future.

*Child’s name has been changed to protect his privacy