Hope Stories

Amani is Growing New Hope in a Drought

Published June 29, 2023, < 1 min read.

The Amani School lives out a powerful testimony of Christ in their own community. One example of this is the home visits by Amani teachers and staff. In a culture where community togetherness is important, home visits are welcomed as a way for the families to stay connected with their kids’ school. Amani is the only local school in the area where the staff take the time and effort to do this, helping to build trust among a community which is largely not Christian. 

The newly formed agriculture vocational school is another trust-builder among the community. Building on the ‘teaching garden’ where parents could come to learn drought-resistant farming methods, this project has now grown into a fully-fledged agriculture school for young adults, and for parents who are interested. Despite early skepticism about how changing their farming methods could combat failing crops and a several-year-long drought, early adopters of these drought-resistant farming methods are already seeing results the community can see!

The proof of drought-resistant conservation agriculture methods is in the crop!

The Amani School is a community pioneer in education, family outreach, and now even agriculture in this remote community. The children in the community have new reasons to hope – and Amani is serving in love as the hands and feet of Jesus.