Our Impact Model

Hope Story has a holistic view of a supported child’s life. With Christ at the centre, we support children through 4 things we believe children need so they can thrive:

    • Education
    • Health
    • Discipleship
    • Strong Communities

We partner with churches in a child’s community to deliver high-quality programs, building deep and lasting partnerships with churches that are already doing fantastic work and empowering them to strengthen and expand their impact.


We are committed to educating vulnerable children by partially or fully subsidizing tuition according to the need; training teachers to improve capacity; operating vocational training programs for youth & young adults; and nurturing community leadership.


We support nutrition through agriculture and food programs; provide urgent care for medical, dental, and critical needs; offer trauma counseling and sexual abuse prevention education; and foster emotional well-being through celebration of birthdays, holidays, and milestones.


We provide discipleship opportunities for children and their families; support home visits; create community volunteering initiatives; engage families in church & community events; hold parenting seminars; and help facilitate Bible literacy through fun activities.


We work to support a child's environment  through nurturing stronger, healthier families and communities to create the most loving, healthy environment possible for a child to grow up in. This can include: family counseling, spiritual support; water & agriculture projects; vocational training for parents; and community events. 


  • Serve many more children than we can alone
  • Meet needs in a way that is culturally relevant and sensitive to context 
  • Invite children into a community of believers & support them in their faith journey
  • Leverage the power of local volunteers
  • Ensure the ministry is rooted in the local community and outlives Hope Story's involvement

Jesus Christ came to offer us new life, restoring all aspects of our lives as His beloved children. The local church is best able to offer a spiritual community within which a child and their family can participate and grow in relationship with Jesus to experience a life of faith and abundant joy. The local church can also act as the hands and feet of Jesus, offering practical help to champion hope for vulnerable children, as part of their community witness to His love.