“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Why We Exist

Local churches around the world are answering Jesus’ call and serving the poor in their own communities. But for many of the churches we partner with, their resources are too limited to reach all who come to them malnourished, unable to afford school fees, or needing other support to thrive. Hope Story mobilizes resources for this locally-led church outreach and connects you with sustainable ways to help vulnerable children access education, health, and discipleship in strong communities through local churches.

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The Hope Story Story

Hope Story was established in 1998 with a vision to serve orphans and vulnerable children. Today we partner in: Burkina Faso, Canada /Thunder Bay, Colombia, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, and Zambia - and  (new!) Lebanon.

We don’t just want to see children survive, we want them to thrive.

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Our church partners around the world strongly believe that we are called as the church to help the poor and to give hope to children in need. Pastors, teachers, and other leaders and volunteers in the congregations are already labouring in love to help the vulnerable in their local communities. Still, they cannot do this work alone! Working together, we are growing the outreach to approximately 1400 children, while maintaining local leadership and sensitivity to the local culture.

We also know there is a causal relationship between poverty and the circumstances and ecosystems in which we grow up. Our partners want to support a life-giving community - sharing Christ's everlasting love for each unique and deserving child, and building a community ethos that picks up the broken spirit, forgives the wrongdoer, and cares for neighbours. We believe that helping children with their education, nutrition, and mental health, in a healing and loving community environment is a truly transformational idea, that builds community resilience and more holistic development.

Children need more than textbooks and nutrition to thrive. They need healthy relationships, loving examples of hope, mentors that respect their unique dignity and potential, and caring adults in their life who cheer them on, inviting them to author their own story.

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Where We Work

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Our Guarantee

85¢ from every dollar

85 cents/dollar is invested in Child Sponsorship and Champions of Hope programs.  (80 cents/dollar invested in one-time projects)

Informed by faith

Our Focus
As an organization we are Christ centered, child focused, and church led.
Our Faith
Our church partners believe in the renewing power of Jesus, and as a church community they strive to model and share His Gospel message. Also flowing from our shared Christian faith, our church partners believe in the unique dignity and sacred freedom of each person and child to walk their own path, and develop their own beliefs, thereby supporting all children in need regardless of their individual background or beliefs at present or at any point in the future.
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