Hope Stories

A Child’s First Taste of an Apple

True Vine Church’s Mission to Aid Lebanon’s Most Vulnerable.
Published May 17, 2024, 2 min read.

In the impoverished region of Akkar, Lebanon, a retired military man, struggling due to a medical condition preventing him from working, faces the challenge of providing for his wife and seven children. Among his children is Malak, a two-year-old girl whose basic needs are a daily struggle. Malak’s father, relying solely on donations and community support, dreams of a future where his daughter can enjoy childhood without worry. As the days go by, the family’s needs intensify. Living three hours away from the Relief Centre, they reached out to True Vine Church, seeking clothing and food for their family. The church generously offered to cover their transportation costs to reach the centre to pick up some food boxes and clothes for the children. Gratefully, they received aid, bringing nourishment to their bodies. The father repeatedly thanked the staff and volunteers for the assistance and told them, “Because of what you’ve given us, our house is now bustling with joy.” During their visit, Malak experienced the simple joy of tasting an apple for the first time. The mother was moved to tears: “My child has never tasted an apple or any fruit in her entire life.” This was a touching moment for her, who recalls the hardships of providing sustenance for her child. After she gave birth to Malak, she experienced postpartum depression because Malak was an unplanned child, and she already had six other children. Additionally, she could not breastfeed Malak, and they lacked the financial means to provide formula milk for the child. As a result, they resorted to a mixture of milk, corn flour, and water as an alternative. This family’s story sheds light on the harsh realities many faces in Lebanon’s impoverished regions, where desperation is compounded by limited resources. Yet, with the church’s intervention, Malak’s health improves, capturing her big grin, depicting a happy, healthy child, a symbol of hope despite the adversity.