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A 7-Year Old Girl Walks 250km

John encountered a mother, Elenne, and her three children, aged two, four, and seven. They had travelled 250 km by foot over 20 days after terrorists attacked their remote village. She shared that the terrorists killed her husband, and her 14-year-old son fled – she does not know where he is. The mother and her younger children survived only by handouts from strangers along the way.
Published November 5, 2020, < 1 min read.
A 7-Year Old Girl Walks 250km

Elenne and her three children.

As she shared her story, John was brought to tears. He asked how she walked so far with the children. The youngest went in a wrap, Elenne explained, while the toddler sat on her shoulders, and the seven-year-old walked on her own. The young boy was disguised as a girl to keep him safe.